Quigley’s Coffee

A cappucion from Quigleys cafe, bakery and deli with Quigleys symbol on top with chocolate sprinkles

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee which is pretty close! Here at Quigley’s
Café, Bakery and Deli we serve up 100% Arabica Fairtrade espresso blend coffee. This blend
contains fruity undertones, a soft fruit acidity that balances roast and sweet toast notes and a
solid structure and mouthfeel. We take our coffee seriously and want to ensure our customers
receive the best quality beans which leads to top quality coffee. Using our own unique
signature coffee roast with origins in Honduras, Peru, Indonesia and Brazil we promise to
provide the best tasting coffee to all our customers in Ireland. We want you to wake up and
taste the quality of our coffee! We offer nine types of coffee including the traditional
americano, frothy cappuccino, latté, chocolatey mocha, strong and smooth flat white,
espresso, matcha latté, chai latté and berry or mocha frappé’s! We also offer a large range of
alternative milks FREE of charge including oat, coconut, soya and almond! Whether you enjoy a traditional Americano or a tasty chai latté, join Quigley’s customers in
Ireland enjoying our fresh, tasty brew every day!

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