Great Tastings Teas

Ethically sourced loose leaf teas, herbal infusions and fruit blends from all over the world

Our house breakfast tea is a Fairtrade Pavilion Garden product.

Notes: Bright, malty, every day, & Kenyan

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Herbal Tea


Herbal Teas

Apple Loves Mint

The sweetness and acidity of apple combined with the freshness of mint and aromatic whole baby rose buds. A delight for the senses. Sweet, tart, apple, mint.

Lemongrass & Ginger

A Thai inspired lightly spiced tea with the warmth of ginger and peppercorns, the freshness of lemongrass and the lingering aftertaste of liquorice root and mint.  Citrus, ginger, liquorice.


An excellent caffeine-free alternative to tea.  Gives an earthy, sweet, deep orange cup.  Fresh, honey, bark.

Red Berry

Absolutely bursting with fresh berry taste.  A punchy, full-on infusion of mixed berries, fruit and hibiscus.  Tart, fruit, jam.


Whole chamomile flowers infuse to produce a sweet, honey-golden cup.  Blossom, sweet, fragrant.

Earl Grey Blue Flower

Perfumed with intense citrus notes, it makes for an exceptional afternoon tea experience.  Dry, light, citrusy.

Green Sencha

Sencha translates as steamed and is a very traditional technique of keeping the flavour packed in the tea.  Unlike roasting which brings out other characteristics, this is a light and fresh cup.  Fresh, sweet, piney.


Whole peppermint leaves create an incredibly fresh, purifying cup.  Sharp, fresh, aromatic, cooling.