For the Love of Coffee!

A cappucion from Quigleys cafe, bakery and deli with Quigleys symbol on top with chocolate sprinkles

Coffee is cool. And no better brew than the one you’re served at one of the 16 Quigleys Café, Bakery, Delis around Ireland!

Gone is the day when instant coffee was enough. Our coffee drinking tastes have evolved and we are fussy about our daily fix. That’s why, at Quigleys, we put a lot of thought and training into our Baristas to ensure they serve up the best.

It can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not in the coffee world but here are five coffee trends to watch out for this year:

1. Cool coffee
Yes folks, believe it or not a cold coffee (as opposed to iced) is going to be a big thing this summer. Apparently it is more refreshing, sweeter and less acidic.

2. Crafty coffee!
You will be hearing a lot more about “craft coffee” in 2016, where different beans are lovingly roasted by experts to produce exclusive blends from around the world.

3. What flavour is your fancy?
Up to recently an Americano, Cappuccino, or Macchiato were the height of sophistication in the coffee world. But things are moving on and there will be increasing emphasis in 2016 on flavoured coffee. Anyone for a strawberry flavoured Flat White?

4. Count the coffee calories
As we become more health conscious we will be cutting back on the large coffees loaded with sugar. Instead it will be smaller but potent coffee, sweetened with small amounts of natural sweetener, like syrup.

5. Savour your coffee
Coffee has traditionally been served with sweet foods. But as knowledge of coffee increases and less bitter flavours evolve, coffee will increasingly be paired with savoury dishes. How do oysters coupled with chilled espresso sound?

Why not pop into your local Quigleys Café Bakery Deli and try one of our Barista-made coffees? You can search for your nearest Quigleys here

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